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I’m so excited to share the beautiful wedding of Jessica and Matthew on our blog today! If you missed their welcome party or rehearsal dinner, follow the links to view each event surrounding their gorgeous wedding weekend!

Before I go into the details of the day I want to tell you a little bit about Jessica and Matthew– and their family. They are wonderful. Simply, and truly, wonderful. They have the unique ability to connect with everyone who helped to make this day special– and in turn made them feel special. You instantly felt like you were part of the family as they welcomed you with big hugs and lots of warm-hearted laughs. It is very obvious how important family is to J&M– you can see it in how much time they spend with their parents and siblings, or the many family vacations they all go on every year– or how many of their family made the trip to Barbados to witness their marriage. You can also see it in who they chose to stand by them in their wedding party. Jessica’s sisters were all her bridesmaids along with Matthew’s sister, and Matthew chose his brother, father and uncles to be his groomsmen.

When Jessica and I began on the design of her wedding, she wanted to embrace a soft and fun tropical color palette with a punch of citrus! We worked with Nichole Michel of Coral Pheasant Stationery + Design on the invitations and the entire paper suite for the weekend– and she did an amazing job! She perfectly blended a fun and modern tropical theme while keeping the invitations classic.

The day began relaxed for both J&M in the beautiful suites at Cobblers Cove. Jessica and her gorgeous bridesmaids were pampered by our stylists, Donna, Kia and Name and spent the morning sipping mimosas, laughing and sharing memories. Matthew and his groomsmen suited up just after lunch and made their way to St. Patricks’ Cathedral in Bridgetown. I have to say, Matthew was every wedding planners dream as a groom… if he was told he needed to be somewhere, he got himself there and perfectly on time!

St. Patricks’ Cathedral is in the heart of Bridgetown, and serves as the archdiocese of Barbados. In fact, it is the oldest Catholic church on the island– built in 1899! Jessica and Matthew fell in love with the idea of being married at this Cathedral and they invited a special guest to perform their ceremony with the permission of the church. Father Wall had been Jessica’s family priest for decades– in fact– he even baptized her! It was so special to have Father Wall be apart of the festivities the entire weekend. He is such a sweet and loving man, and truly loves Jessica, her family and Matthew. He was also a lot of fun, and took me for a spin around the dance floor during the reception!

Jessica and Matthew opted to have their ceremony decorated in classic white, and Giselle along with her team at Events & Decor by Giselle worked with us on creating an abundant and gorgeous alter. As guests entered the church, they were greeted by a beautiful floral and garland arch– dripping with roses and ranunculus. It was truly beautiful! Hymns and songs were played by our classic quartet and Jessica was walked down the aisle by her dad to the classic Canon D. The ceremony was truly heartwarming– filled with a few tears, some laughs, and a beautiful exchange of vows. After the ceremony, J&M were sent off to the reception by their guests (and an extremely large portrait of Jesus!).

Guests arrive by shuttle to Cobblers Cove and enjoyed signature cocktails in custom glasses, canapés, and a gorgeous raw bar overlooking the Caribbean sea. NJ30+ provided funky, upbeat jazz music which led us into an amazing sunset and a round of very heartfelt toasts by Jessica’s father, the best man Casey and maid of honor, Carly. After cocktails, guests dined in Cobblers’ lush gardens under swaying palms, flickering candles and a ceiling of string lights. It was truly magical!

After dinner, Jessica and Matthew surprised their guests with a lantern release (special thanks to Henri for her logistical mastermind on getting this done well!). They had purchased these 200+ sky lanterns (in Thailand, I think!) a few years ago and travelled with them all the way back to New York– knowing one day, they would release them at their wedding. It was so gorgeous and special– and just as the lanterns started to float away, our amazing band 2 Mile Hill started to play Coldplay’s “Sky Full of Stars.” We all had chills! The rest of the night was spent dancing away under a beautiful tent.

A special thank you to all our vendors who worked so hard to make Jessica & Matthew’s wedding day so wonderful. A special thank you to Will and Anne-Marie at Cobblers for all they did and to my team– Diana, Melissa, Alli and Shannon– who were absolute rockstars on the wedding day– THANK YOU! Thank you to Fred Marcus Studios for the generous use of the images below (images of the paper story are by Coral Pheasant Stationery + Design).

Jessica and Matthew– thank you for letting us be part of your personal history and trusting our team. This was a day our entire team will remember. So sorry for crying when I had to say goodbye, but I am SO excited that you’re making Barbados a place you’ll return to year after year. That means I get to see you for many years to come!

Vendor Reel:

Wedding Planning, Design & Coordination: Jubilee Events: Caribbean in Barbados
Photography: Brian Marcus of Fred Marcus Photography
Ceremony: St. Patricks Cathedral
Reception & Catering: Cobblers Cove Hotel
Staffing & Late Night Snacks: In-Fusion Catering
Florist: Events & Decor by Giselle
Invitations & Paper: Coral Pheasant Stationery + Design
Ceremony Musicians: Stephen Brathwaite
Cocktail Hour Musicians: NJ30+
Reception Band: 2 Mile Hill
After Party DJ: DJ JJ
Linens: La Tavola Fine Linens
Tent: S and R Rentals
Event Rentals: Ellco
Bars & Bar Backs: Events Unusual
Lighting: Best Effects
Videography: I Do Video Art
Hair: Hair by Donna (bride, MOH and moms) and Krave Hair Studio (bridesmaids)
Makeup: Makeup by Kia Foster Blades
Cake: LadyFingers
Transportation: SunTours & Foster and Ince


Brooks and Kevin’s wedding was amazing– the preppy details, the delicious pub style food for dinner, the gorgeous color story and of course, their wonderful family and friends. I so enjoyed working with them both on this day and we could have never anticipated that Hurricane Sandy would send their wedding plans into a tailspin, leaving their original wedding reception location heavily damaged. In two weeks time we had to make a huge change and thankfully, the wonderful team at THE GUILFORD YACHT CLUB came to our rescue! Now, looking back, I couldn’t picture their wedding anywhere else.

Madison is an important town to Brooks and her family– she spent many summers as a kid visiting her grandparents’ beautiful home on the water. So, when it came time deciding on the location of her and Kevin’s wedding, they knew that this town with special meaning was the perfect place. The ceremony was held in the heart of town at The First Congregational Church. Brooks and Kevin drove off in their neighbors old Chevy pick up truck for a stellar party at The Guilford Yacht Club.

I loved Brooks’ attention to detail. She really owned some projects and made them her own– everything from the custom pillows she made for each guests, the hand lettered table assignments and signs through out the wedding (does she not have GORGEOUS penmanship?! I told her to start her own business!), and the pennant flags she sewed which we draped throughout our bar tent! Inside the main tent we had long, family style dining with custom made fabric runners (also by Brooks!) and the centerpieces were baskets filled with flowers, designed by BLUSH FLORAL DESIGN. It was one of the most beautiful and creative ideas and the baskets were reused from another event in her family!

Guests dinned on a menu truly inspired by pub food like Fish n’ Chips and NY Strip, with condiments designed into the table decor. We even had bowls of homemade mini pickles on the table for guests to enjoy!

See the beautiful images and details as captured by CARLA TEN EYCK and her team below. x!

 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0001 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0002 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0003 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0004 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0005 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0006 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0007 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0008 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0009 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0010 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0011 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0012 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0013 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0014 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0015 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0016 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0017 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0018 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0019 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0020 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0021 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0022 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0023 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0024 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0025 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0026 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0027 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0028 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0029 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0030 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0031 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0032 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0033 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0034 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0035 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0036 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0037 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0038 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0039

guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0040 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0041 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0042 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0043 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0044 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0045 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0046 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0047 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0048 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0049 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0050 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0051 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0052 guilford_yacht_club_wedding_preppy_yellow_blue_ct_connecticut_0053