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Featured on Trip Advisor: Top Tips for Attending a Destination Wedding in Barbados

Are you attending a destination wedding in Barbados? We’re sharing some tips (along with other wedding industry experts) on everything you need to know about attending a destination wedding as a guest! Head over to Trip Advisor’s blog and learn more. Here’s our advice:

Favorite destination wedding location: We’ve been fortunate enough to work with clients all over the world, but we are partial to the Caribbean as a destination location — especially Barbados! The island of Barbados is nestled in the lower Antilles of the Caribbean and boasts everything you’d want. It has a variety of accommodations from intimate B&B’s to luxury 5 diamond properties to start, which makes guest stays easy. Barbados also has many unique locations for your wedding; from historic rum factories to exquisite restaurants and villas — Barbados has something for everyone. Versatility in a wedding destination is important.

Top tip for attending a destination wedding: Be realistic with the couple on whether you can afford to attend. If you’re on a budget, seek out ways to creatively save on travel, accommodations and other items surrounding the wedding. If circumstances might change for you and you can’t go, be sure to tell the couple as soon as you’ve made your decision!

One thing you shouldn’t forget to pack: If you’re in the tropics — don’t forget sunscreen! Seriously, though, so often guests forget to pick this up and by the time they remember — it’s too late. The sun is much stronger the closer to you get to the equator and it only takes a few minutes of rays to leave a nasty sunburn. Also, we recommend wedding guests pack simply for the weekend; you might feel compelled to throw everything in the suitcase, but you’re better off outfit planning and reusing pieces. Pack light and come for the party!

Happy wedding season!

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