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Barbados Beach Elopement Inspiration

palm tree arch elopement: via tumblr // draped arch elopement: photography Elizabeth Messina planning Imagine Weddings & Special Events // lantern elopement: photography Asia Pimental Photography // driftwood arch elopement:  Lauren Fair Photography flowers Wildflowers by Design // rocky beach elopement: via 100layercake // palm tree elopement: photography Melanie Gabrielle flowers Ever After Floral Design

Barbados makes the perfect destination to elope in an intimate ceremony! We wanted to compile inspiration to inspire you as you beginning the process of planning your extraordinary, intimate nuptials. Fabulous décor for a perfect ceremony on the beach is what we all dream of when we think of jetting off to elope in the Caribbean. Here are a few things we love that make up a romantic beach elopement in Barbados:

  • Floral: An abundance of flowers for your beach nuptials takes our top spot in creating a unique environment for a beach elopement. Flowers can carry your color scheme! They can be simple and elegant or full and luscious. Flowers are a wow factor in pictures and make everything look even more romantic and beautiful.
  • Linens: We love great flowey linen that blows so perfectly in the ocean breeze at sunset. Tied back with flowers or ribbon or rope, looped and draped in the exact spots adds some great detail to your elopement. Of course you need an archway for all this, and that’s the next piece of our beach elopement décor.
  • Archway/Chuppa: It’s always nice to have something to stand under as you profess your love to one another. Since it’s just the two of you, the archway plays a role in pulling your elopement ceremony together and makes for a beautiful photo backdrop; it’s the perfect chance to add that luxurious personal touch to your elopement.
  • Lanterns: When there’s no guest, there’s no aisle. Lanterns are a great way to set a path. Since elopements on the beach are usually at sunset, the lanterns with a flickering candles in them adds the perfect romantic touch for when the sun is setting.

Looking to plan a unique, one of a kind elopement? Check out our elopement services. Happy planning!

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