Destination Wedding Inspiration Did someone say food?!

Destination Wedding Inspiration: Canapés with a Barbadian Twist

One of the most important aspects of a wedding to me is the FOOD! — besides location of course!

In Barbadian culture it is usually the norm to have a large selection of canapés through the reception rather than a sit down dinner, which I personally love, as it allows for a more relaxed and social atmosphere. And is usually less expensive!

However it is also lovely to have the traditional cocktail hour before dinner, which will also include some sort of delicious canapés.

When planning food for a destination wedding in Barbados it is fun to draw inspiration from local dishes. It gives us a chance to get creative with more unique flavours, garnishes and presentations. This gives guest a fun insight into the Barbadian culture and foods which they have possibly never tried before.

We at Jubilee Events: Caribbean love to get really creative with the presentation and way canapés are served. One of my personal favourites is to include local greenery such as palm leaves for a fun tropical twist.

The flavours found in Caribbean food are very unique and we like to find ways to adapt these to other dishes.

For example;

  • Grilled Watermelon — Preparing fresh fruit with a twist is a unique way to add something quenching to the menu
  • Flying fish — which can be grilled, steamed or fried with a tropical inspired sauce
  • Jerk Pork — Anything with a bit of spice will give guests taste buds a ‘Caribbean’ sensation
  • Anything with a curry flavour!
  • Something that incorporates a sweet mixed with savoury flavour, as this is found quite often in Barbados

We hope that this will inspire you to consider having your wedding in beautiful Barbados!

The beauty and culture goes way beyond food and we hope to share more of what our island has to offer with you!


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