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Photography by Carla Ten Eyck

Thinking about getting married in Barbados? You should be!

As a visitor to the island most people instantly gravitate towards the idea of a beach wedding or outdoor setting. Understandably, as there are so many breathtaking locations!

When choosing a wedding dress for a location of this type, it is important to consider the following things;

  • fabric
  • length
  • footwear

The climate in Barbados is very humid, which makes choosing the fabrics for your dress very important. You want to choose something that is breathable and light. This however does not mean that you can not have that ‘ball gown’ dress that you had always dreamed of, once the fabric is carefully considered.

We also suggest that you consider the idea of changing into a shorter dress for the reception if you are having festivities beyond the ceremony, as it will make your dancing experience much more carefree and comfortable.

There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable pair of shoes on any occasion, especially on your wedding day! If you are having a beach ceremony on the sand, we strongly suggest flat footwear with the option to change into heels if the reception has a more firm landscape. Most outdoor locations tend to have un-even landscape, so be sure to choose your heel hight wisely.

Your bridal store will offer you great advice on what best suits your body type and the climate you are going to be getting married in. We are also more than happy to help with any advice you may need thought this fun process!

Happy planning! xx




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