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Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding in Barbados

Destination Wedding Planning Do's and Don'ts -- EVENTJUBILEECARIBBEAN.COM

Planning a destination wedding can be challenging, no matter your proximity to the destination or how well you know the location. We’ve come up with some great do’s and don’ts to consider while planning your destination wedding!

DO take your time while considering what location / country / city would be best for you. Consider all your options before you choose where your destination wedding will be held!

DONT invite all 300 of your closest family and friends if you would like a small, intimate affair. Many couples choose a destination wedding because they want their nuptials to be small. We have always said to our clients, whether domestic or destination, if you invite a guest expect them to attend. While destination weddings have higher regrets, you can never be sure if ALL those you’ve invited will make the big day. If you send an invitation, be prepared for the guest(s) to respond with a yes.

DO hire a professional planner familiar with your destination. While we may seem bias, we are urging you to hire a pro to assist you in the pre-preparation and on site wedding coordination. A destination wedding, no matter the size, does present some challenges. Your best bet is to find a planner local to the destination OR a planner local to you who is familiar with where you are getting married. Either are excellent choices to help guide you!

DONT expect a destination wedding to be less expensive! Often times, a side-by-side comparison of cost per person is very similar to having your wedding locally. Where you can expect to save money is by inviting a smaller number of guests verse having a huge wedding in your home city / state.

DO visit the destination as often as you can afford to. We recommend at least once to see where your wedding ceremony and reception will be held, along with creating an opportunity to meet the local vendors you will hire. It’s important to see the location in person and to make a personal connection with the creatives who will make your wedding day come alive.

DONT expect your destination to have all the same luxuries and decor that your home city / state / country has– especially if choosing an island. You won’t always find that luxury vintage car you have your heart set on to drive you to the ceremony, or the specific chair you want for your reception. The good news is, with the right budget, you can bring anything in to a destination (maybe except for the vintage Rolls Royce!).

DO choose an destination that is easy for the majority of your guests to travel to. No one likes long layovers and several connecting flights! We recommend choosing a destination where you can fly direct or a short flight to a major airport hub that flies directly to your destination.

We have several more fun tips for planning a destination wedding. Check back to our blog for more advice. Happy planning! x

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